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The Vision and The Past

Updated: 2013-12-15 15:12:19
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The Vision

- Add a wrapper to help determine number of times files are downloaded (like mp3s).

- Comments are not working right now... why? E-mail is timing out?

- Forum view vs. comment view

- Change the tag program to not run if no new blogs have posted since the last run.

- Prime for mobile - forget desktops for the most part

- Add ability for tags to be weighted by blog views

- Fix major issue with two comments causing a blog to display multiple times int the Mine page.

- Index comments to tags as well...

- Try leaderboard on right side (like FSN site)? Get rid of the one on top. Shrink logo down on blog pages.

- After posting a blog, the hyperlink up top is a cgi page. This makes it difficult to immediately link out your new blog entry. Fix this to point to the the new blog page instead. That way, the user can immediately copy the link in the address bar without difficulty.

- Fix tags to remove words used by deleted blogs

- Provide the ability to change a password.

- Provide the ability to have a password and login e-mailed. (type in e-mail address)

- Fix the remember me checkmark on the login screen.

- Add Google +1,

- Issue with arrows on the front page. It takes you back to the top of the screen. Should not do that.

- Comment # listed on this blog vs. the comment # in the "Go There" link in the e-mail does not match? 70 vs 61? See 5/26 e-mail for example.

- Always default to display the last page of comments on blogs.

- Notice on Mine page when a new comment has posted (based on last login date/time or 30 minutes after current login time)

- E-mail updates (internal structure)

- Text updates (internal structure)

- Account settings page with ability to add e-mail address.

- Account settings for phone number for comment update notifications. Need all the provider texting structures.

- Ability to "favor" another thinker. (Account settings allowed to receive e-mail/text updates.)

- Favor ranking on Mine page

- Ability to browse thoughts by favor

- Ability to hide comments on your thought by thinker/IP address/singularly.

- Ability to see all hidden comments.

- Ability to override thinker's hidden comments by request or popular vote. (1 vote makes it appear in the comment list without text, 10 votes forces it to appear fully). Thinker may put in a request to permanently hide.

- E-mail update to stw when suggestion made.

- Category

- Update homepage to show the latest 20 blogs, top 10 tags, and top 10 categories

- Provide the ability to see the blogs on the homepage by date, most hits, or most discussion

- Better quotes

- Add comments

- Add anonymous comments / blogs

- Add ability to cycle through comments

- Fix issue with editing and then commenting

- Add suggestion / issue reporting

- Counters for all pages

- Tags for posts

 - Add spellcheck to the comment box

- Regenerate and double check titles

- Add a good title to the tag page

- Code blocks in the editor (syntaxhl/syntaxhighlighter)

- Add toolbar on everything, top/mine/etc.

- blogNULL issue with anonymous comments, see blog30

- Now, when you login, you will have a personal page that displays your posts along with the ability to edit, delete, and create new posts.

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