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Windows Quick Tips - Find Out What is Running on a Computer

Updated: 2013-08-18 20:31:22

The Task Manager can be useful for several different reasons. The Task Manager can help you quickly determine if a program is taking over your computer and allow you to terminate it. If your computer is running very slow, there is a good chance another program has taken over your system due to several possible reasons. It may just be poorly programmed or there could be a temporary problem. 

Additionally, I explore several advanced features of the Task Manager in Windows 7 that help you get a better understanding of what is happening inside your system. For instance, CPU time can help you get a glimpse of what programs are hitting your processor hard over a longer period. Also, handles can help you identify programs with memory leaks. Memory leaks are a very bad thing as they will eventually crash your computer. Finally, I explore how to gauge the amount of memory a process is using.

Towards the end, I introduce the SysInternals Process Explorer. This program can be extraordinarily helpful in honing in on specific processes. You can explore a wealth of information, if need be, as it is extremely powerful. This can be downloaded for free at Microsoft:

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