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Free Music - All That You Are by J.G.

Updated: 2013-06-12 18:18:08

This is a Christian song with electronically altered acoustic and sounds. The voices are original.

Haha! I completely forgot about this song. I wrote it in 2009, and I guess I never was really that happy with it because I just let it sit and collect dust. Nonetheless, I found it tonight, and I like it enough to post it. It still is not perfect, but it is kind of fun.


MP3 Link Kyker - Everything is Possible - All That You Are.mp3



Oh... yeah...

As I fathom Your greatness

Your glory flows through me

As my mind slips...

And I wonder...

And I wonder...

Oh... yeah...

Because You are glory in every form

Yes, You are glory in every form

I'll find it in my heart to trust You

To give You my all

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