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Love without Tolerance

Updated: 2014-08-19 17:20:51

In 2008, Eich made a $1,000 donation to a group supporting the prevention of homosexual marriages. This week, it cost him the CEO job at Mozilla. More on this can be read here:


First, what Mozilla should have considered doing is providing an option that makes the browser anonymous. This would have defeated any site's ability to block the browser. This would have been an elegant technical solution to the controversy.


Beyond that, I want to address the homosexual and religious points of view. To begin, homosexuals are upset that they are not able to marry, and that is entirely understandable. It is obvious, these days, why they do not feel equal on this standpoint with heterosexuals.

Nevertheless, what homosexuals fail to understand is that most Christians really believe God is real. They also believe that the Bible is real. This is where the controversy begins. Homosexuals interpret the Bible vastly differently than 99% of Christianity. Either that or they do not care, as they do not believe in the Bible at all.

However, what homosexuals need to understand is that Christians do believe in the Bible and the traditional interpretations that have been around for thousands of years. Christians really believe this is truth, and what concerns them is that there are examples of societies being destroyed because of homosexuality. They believe that God removes protection from societies tolerant of homosexuality, and these societies eventually are utterly destroyed. Consequently, Christians are very concerned about tolerance and ubiquity of homosexuality. They believe it will destroy the United States!


Therefore, the crux of the matter is this:

1. Homosexuals believe they do not have equal rights, and at face value, they do not. This nation is all about promoting freedom and equal rights.

2. Christians believe that tolerance and ubiquitous homosexuality will destroy the United States. They are very fearful of this: intensely fearful. They expect the United States to be destroyed if homosexuality becomes commonplace. In their mind, many of us will likely be murdered (i.e. invasion by a stronger nation, albeit 30 years down the road) or will suffer on an extreme scale.


Referring back to the Mozilla situation, Eich was unfairly targeted. He should not be attacked because he supports legitimate political societies. Some people are trying to state that this is synonymous with supporting the Nazis or the Ku Klux Klan. That is a ridiculous comparison. The Nazis started a World War! Eich's situation has no comparison. Furthermore, the Ku Klux Klan was known for horrendous lynchings and many further evils. Eich also does not even come close to comparing to this! To suggest such a thing is an emotional argument. It is sophistry or demagoguery at its best. It is manipulation by stirring up emotions rather than looking at the situation soberly.

One argument often cited is that Jesus Christ believed in loving others and always being someone who loves. However, do you believe this is what the salesmen thought as Jesus whipped them outside the temple? Yes, that is written in the Bible. Furthermore, loving homosexuals does not mean giving them equal rights. People try to make love and tolerence the same thing. It is not.

Consider the parable about the prodigal son (Luke 15). Did the father love the son any less as he was away from home? The son spent all of his money and was eating pig slop, which is rather awful. Did the father love him less? Absolutely not. Did the father condemn him? Absolutely not. Did the father allow him to pursue this path, albeit its destructiveness? Yes. The father never loved the son less, but the son left his father. Why?

The reason the son left his father is because he knew his father would not tolerate his behavior, and the reason why the father would not tolerate it is because of the possibility of a terrible end result, such as eating pig slop. While pig slop has nothing to do with homosexuality, this explanation is relevant. This understanding is extremely important for us to grasp. It shows that love is not tolerance.


Where do we go from here?


For Christians:

The Bible states that Christians are in a spiritual battle. This means the best thing to do is what the father did in the prodigal son parable. Be sure to help others, whatever their persuasion. This means helping them with daily needs such as food or clothing, if necessary, or simply being a friend. It does not mean helping them behave in a non-Christian manner. However, do not condemn them or rebuke them. Rather, pray for them. Fast and ask God to intervene on their behalf. Seek the Lord for a win in the spiritual battle.

This is where Christians have lost their way. Christians are too busy angrily condemning those around them, when they need to remember that God fights our spiritual battles. Furthermore, we need to remember what God said. If there are just a few Christians within a wicked nation, he said he would spare it. Remember that, and approach this issue in sobriety, humility, and peace.


For everyone else:

Ask yourself, have you really tried to find God? If you lose your wallet or purse and never look for it, how would you ever find it? According to the Bible, God expects for people to seek him. He is not interested in showing himself to those who will not try, but He is interested in everyone! Consider spending at least a few months honestly seeking God. You may be shocked to find out He exists, and if that experience is even a small possibility, why not give it a shot? The implications are tremendous. Consider that billions of people before you have found the experience to be true... and many definitely found it shocking too!

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