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Jesus/God vs. Pain and Suffering

Updated: 2019-06-11 12:44:42

Pain and suffering weighs heavily on some of us. There are those that have witnessed terrible things, first hand, and/or have dealt with hard pain from the consequences of such actions. Many people use the pain and suffering in this reality to argue that Jesus does not exist. They say, "How can God exist in a world of such pain?"

Maybe our perspective on pain will change, if we alter our perspective on reality.

In light of this, consider a shadow of reality: a video game. A boy plays a video game, and a dog dies in the game. Does he mourn and cry out to God and say, "Oh God! Why have you let this poor dog die in this game?" The boy probably instead continues the game without a second thought to the poor, virtual animal. The entire experience is likely fairly trivial in the grand course of the boy's entire existence, an existence much larger than the virtual game. He may spend only a single season playing the game in a total lifespan of 100 years.

Why do any of us presuppose that this reality is so important, so final? Is it impossible for us all to consider there could be more?

Perhaps, this reality is nothing more than a test that lasts a "season" in a much larger existence. The good news is the crux of this test is easy, and it is spelled out in very simple language in the world's most famous book, the Holy Bible. All we must do is accept Jesus for what He did and strive to cultivate a relationship with Him.

Jesus said, if we accept Him, we will have eternal life. When we die in this reality, we will be ushered into a much broader existence, an infinite existence.

How many years of infinite will it take for us to see how minimal our current pain and suffering really is? Will it take 10 years, 1,000 years? How about a 1,000,000 years? After 1,000,000 years in our next life, do we think that any pain we suffered in this reality will really matter very much to us? My guess is we will be thinking about other things...

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